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Thank You Foskey HVAC For Saving Me A Small Fortune!

“A prominent HVAC company on the island told me that my air conditioner was fried and beyond repair and that it was going to cost approximately $10,000 to put in a new one. Well, that didn’t set right with me. I called Foskey because they do the HVAC on the stores I worked for. This is Camp Hilton Head and Hilton Head Shirt Co. The OWNER came out and FIXED the A/C and only charged $300. Hmmm! $10,000 vs. $300. Which one would you rather pay? The owner and his assistant were friendly, clean, courteous, and knew what they were doing! They said they handled mostly repair and maintenance and didn’t try to sell anything that wasn’t needed. I would recommend this company to ANYONE! Thank you Foskey HVAC for saving me a small fortune!”