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Unit not “FRIED” – Thank You Mike!

“Mike…thank you again for what you’ve done for us. The night my HVAC unit fan stopped spinning I contacted a local heating and air company who informed me that my unit was “FRIED” and that it needed to be replaced. He gave me a $5000 quote and made it seem like the best deal ever. I contact several other companies in the area to get price quotes over the phone including Mike with Foskey heating and air and there quote was by far the cheapest $3200 to be exact. After coming to my home to do a complete inspection of the unit he was able to find that the unit was not “FRIED” as others had told me, it was simply a shortage in one of the cords. He was able to fix the problem that same day and it only cost me $235.00. Thank you Foskey Heating and Air for what they’ve done for us!”